Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our January and February Films

Our January Biopic is Lion in Winter with Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole. Our February romance is Love Actually, although I will also put a dicussion topic up for the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice as it came in at a close second. I hope to have links up for Lion in Winter by the end of New Year's week.

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!

Friday, December 29, 2006

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Let the voting begin!

ETA Voting as of 1PM December 29th. If you haven't voted yet, you have until midnight tonight!

January Biopics:

Lady Jane - 1
Walk the Line - 3
Great Balls of Fire - 1
Amadeus - 1
Lion in Winter - 5
Ray - 1

February - Romance

Love Actually - 4
Annie Hall - 2
An Affair to Remember - 1
Pride and Prejudice BBC - 3
Mating Habits of an Earthbound Human - 2

Well, not many people nominated films, so I decided to put them all up for the vote. Please vote for one biography for January and one romance for February in the comments of this post. The vote ends on December 29th at midnight PST.

Also, since I think people have just been swamped with the holidays this year, I decided to extend the contest for "Project that best represents a FiberFlix movie" to the end of February. This means that if you complete a fiber crafting project inspired by Funny Face, White Christmas, or the January or February selection and post the FO picture here on the blog, you'll be entered to win.

A last note, I got an email nomination from someone who had trouble commenting on this blog due to beta blogger issues. If you are having a hard time commenting as well, feel free to send me your vote via email at craftylilly AT hotmail DOT com. I'll look into installing the haloscan commenting system after the holidays which hopefully will resolve the commenting issue.

So the movie choices are:

January - Biopics
Great Balls of Fire (1989) - Dennis Quaid plays Jerry Lee Lewis
Walk the Line (2005) - Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash
Ray (2004) - Jamie Foxx's Oscar Winning performance as Ray Charles
Beautiful Mind (2001) - Russell Crowe plays John Nash, a renowned but troubled mathmetician.
Lion in Winter (1968) - Peter O'Toole plays Henry II and Katherine Hepburn plays Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Thirteen Days (2000) - Story about the Cuban Missile Crisis. This isn't technically a biopic as it's more about a historical event rather than one or two historical personages life, but it definitely looks fascinating.
Amadeus (1984) - Tom Hulce plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lady Jane (1986) - Helena Bonham Carter stars at Lady Jane Grey, one of Henry VIII's doomed wives.

February - Romance
The Way We Were (1973) - Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford star as a couple that fall in love but are driven apart by circumstance.
Love Actually (2003) - Ensemble cast. Film follows eight different couples in London
Bride and Prejudice (2004) - Adaptation of the Austen novel but set in the East Indian culture.
Pride and Prejudice BBC version (1995) 6 hours of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy... :-)
Pride and Prejudice (2005) The most recent adaptation with Keira Knightley
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human (1999) An extraterrestrial anthropologist studies a human couple's dating rituals. David Hyde Pierce, Mackenzie Austin, and Carmen Electra star.
Annie Hall (1977) - One of Woody Allen's most beloved films about love between two city dwellers.
Affair to Remember (1957) - Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr star as a couple that fall in love on top of the Empire State Building.
When Harry Met Sally (1989) - A couple keeps meeting over and over and finally become friends. Are they meant for each other? Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal star.
You've got Mail (1998) - An unlikely pairing of a bookstore chain president and an independent bookseller that begins with an online romance. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star.
While You Were Sleeping (1995) - A lonely woman falls in love with a man she sees everyday. When he has an accident and falls into a coma, she is mistaken for his fiance, but finds herself attracted to his brother. Sandra Bullock stars.
A Very Long Engagement (2004) - A woman is determined to find her lost fiance who has gone MIA during World War I. Audrey Tatou (Amelie) stars.
Immortal Beloved (1994) - After Ludwig van Beethoven dies, his aide searches for the composer's one "Immortal Beloved" to deliver his love letter to her. But which of Beethoven's great romances is his one and only love? Gary Oldman stars.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nominations for January and February

It's been rather quiet around here, but I think the holidays have most of us crazed at the moment. I hope we get more active as we enter the new year. I look forward to watching even more movies as I craft and knit and spin inspired!

It's time for the next two month's nominations. The themes for the coming months are:

January - Biographical films or biopics. Here, we're looking for movies that deal with a historical personages life. Examples include: Elizabeth, The Aviator, The Coal Miner's Daughter, Yankee Doodle Dandy, A Beautiful Mind, Mommy Dearest, etc.

February - Romance movies. Yes, it's cliche, but a person can go many directions with this theme. There are romantic comedies, classic romances, melodramatic romances, lots of choices! Have fun with this one. I'm not even going to suggest some examples to keep the field wide open.

So, please nominate two movies for each category in the comments section of this post. Nominations will be accepted until next Wednesday, December 20th at midnight PST. Just as in previous nominations, if you can't think of a second movie to nominate, consider seconding another nominated movie. Seconded movies will make it to our final vote. Voting will begin on Thursday December 21st and extend to Friday December 29th.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Musical links are up!

I don't have a ton of links but you can find some interesting things about musicals in general and our two selections as well.

I'm also cooking up a sweater design inspired by Funny Face. Who knows if it'll be successful, or if I'll finish it this month?