Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February movie and March nominations

Things were quite crazy for me in the past month or so. In the end I didn't get to post the Watchalong movie for February. So, in the last week and a half of the month, if you'd like to see You Can't Take it with You directed by Frank Capra, you can see it instantly through Netflix for free.

I'm also collected nominations for our March movie. The theme is Documentary. Please nominate up to 2 documentaries over at the Ravelry group or in the comments to this post. Movies that have been nominated already are Harlan County, USA; Sicko; Jesus Camp; The Heart of the Game; and Into the Arms of Strangers. If you'd like to second any of these choices they will make it into the final vote. Nominations will be collected until this Saturday 2/23.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January and an announcement

December seriously kicked my behind, so January's movie is free choice. Whatever you want to watch, do so, and post here or on the Ravelry group with your thoughts and favorite knits from the movie(s).

Also, I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to keep up the blog and moderate the Ravelry group as well. It seems that most of the action happens over at Ravelry, so please check in with us there. I will keep this blog up to date with the watchalongs and knitalongs, but won't be posting much more commentary. If you'd like to contribute to the blog with your thoughts, please do! I just can't keep up with the commentary here and at the message board.

Let's have a fun, and fibery year with our knitting/crocheting, and movies!