Friday, September 22, 2006

The Nominations so far

We've have had some fabulous films nominated! This is a compilation of our nominations so far. The films that have been nominated multiple times are definitely going to be part of our vote next week. The list of films that have been nominated once may not be. Please take a look at these lists. If you wish to second any of the films that have only one nomination, please do so. I will make sure they are part of our voting pool.

Nominations will end tomorrow night at midnight PST. I will post the voting list along with a short bit of info on each film so we can make our choice on Sunday. Voting is then open until Saturday, September 30.

Please second a nomination in a comment on this post.

Films that have been nominated multiple times and will be part of our vote:
Shadow of a Doubt
Maltese Falcon
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Sunset Boulevard
The Third Man
Usual Suspects
Double Indemnity
Strangers on a Train

Films that have been nominated only once. This is the pool that needs a second to make it to our vote:
In a Lonely Place
The Man Who Wasn't There
Dead Reckoning
Blue Dahlia
Dark City
Key Largo

Edited to reflect the movies that have been seconded.


TeAntae said...

I will second the nomination for "Strangers on a Train". I had the pleasure of seeing this last year at a local theater. After the viewing we had the pleasure of a talk given by Mr. Hitchcock's daughter. This is a classic who's theme is regularly immitated but never truly duplicated.

renee said...

I'd second the nominations of the first four on that list - all favorites of mine. Usual Suspects, Memento, Double Indemnity and Strangers on a Train.

Donni said...

Put me down for "In a lonely place" and "The man who wasn't there" - thanks!