Sunday, January 28, 2007

I love Lion in Winter

I just finished watching it last night and really enjoyed it. The acting is superb and the dialogue is wonderful. I got a kick out of seeing a very young Timothy Dalton in his very first film role as well. Did anyone else get a chance to see it?

I posted a few discussion topics about the movie over at our message boards. Feel free to stop by and discuss.

A final note, there's been a lot of discussion about the new blogger and trying to migrate group blogs over to the new blogger. I've tried to move Fiberflix, but keep getting told that I can't. So, I'm sorry to say, we will continue to limp along here until blogger makes it so that this blog and other group blogs can move over. If you are a member of the group and are having trouble posting either here or on the message boards, let me know and we'll try to work out a way for you to post.

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