Monday, July 09, 2007

Let's indulge in our movie Guilty Pleasures

Hello everyone. I've finally got a few links up on our Guilty Pleasure choices, Dirty Dancing and 10 Things I Hate about You. I hope you all get a chance to see one or both this month. I will put up some discussion starters next week on our two films. To get us started though, I thought I'd share why I find Dirty Dancing to be such a guilty pleasure.

I was 13 years old when I saw this movie for the first time. I saw it on VHS at a friend's house during a sleep over. There was something just so fun, and a bit rebellious about watching this movie as a young teen with my friends. We ate popcorn and gummi bears, and drank soda and watched this movie three times at that sleepover. Monday at school had us saying, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," to each other. Now here's the guilty pleasure part... I find that I enjoy the movie just as much as an adult. First, I still get caught up in the story, and it also brings back fond memories of me and my friends, eating junk food and watching it together.

So what about you? What makes these movies a guilty pleasure for you?


Stariel said...

Heath Ledger.

I always did like the "bad boys", and the long hair too. :)

Paula said...

I loved the time period.
When Rock and roll and the dancing were shunned by the ultra conservative adults.
I had great fun watching this movie.
Perfect pick for a summer choice.