Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our September through November movie selections!

The votes left here and at the fiberflix craftalong blog have been tabulated. It was a very close race, but we do have winning movies. A quick review first: all are invited to watch and knit/spin/crochet along with these movie selections. I will put up discussion posts where we can then talk about the movies, and perhaps share what we were working on while watching them. Sounds like fun? I think so!

So what are the final movie selection winners?

September: Theme "Back to School"

Grosse Pointe Blank, Clueless, Heathers

October: Theme "Monster Movies"

28 Days Later, 28 weeks later (this movie comes out on DVD on October 9th! Convenient, no?)

For the horror adverse, the next runner up is A Nightmare before Christmas

November: Theme "Director Retrospective"

We're going to take a closer look at Alfred Hitchcock this month. In October, I'll post a list of movies that Hitchcock directed and we'll vote to choose 2 or 3 to watch together in November.

So start loading up those Netflix queues! Discussion posts on Grosse Pointe Blank, Clueless and Heathers will be posted soon.


Paula said...

Great choices.
Many of those I have not seen before so this will be fun.

Also please sign me up for the Movie Swap. That sounds like lots of fun!

Sarah said...

Fabulous movie choices! Cillian Murphy and knitting! Please sign me up for the swap. Also when do we watch these movies? Anytime during the month, or is there a set date?


Jennifer said...

Sarah, you can watch these movies at any time during the month. I'm about to start a discussion post about Grosse Pointe Blank today, but feel free to post whenever you wish with your thoughts on any of our movies. As for the swap, email the organizer Kathie, you can find it in the post.