Friday, October 05, 2007

28 Days Later - a mini review

I had a chance to rewatch 28 Days Later and was impressed all over again at what a good movie it is. Yes, it is a horror, but it's also a movie about what happens to people when the worst happens. What kind of person will you be if disaster strikes? Will you be like Jim, Frank, and Megan and not give up on you humanity and caring about people even if all you've known is lost? Will you be like Major Henry West and his soldiers and make up your own rules no matter what the human cost just to rebuild? How the characters deal with the horror and the choices facing them is what makes the movie so good.

Then I have to pay attention to the new treatment of zombies themselves. The infected in this movie are incredibly fast. This makes them terrifying. A scene that never fails to give me the shivers is the scene in the underground tunnel. This scene uses the notion of fleeing animals to great effect as a truly horrifying chase scene ensues.

So has anyone else had a chance to see 28 Days Later? I have plans to see 28 Weeks later when it comes out on DVD this month, and am looking forward to making comparisons.
But for now: What did you find most interesting about this movie? What was the most terrifying? What do you think the virus "Rage" is really? Are the soldiers and Major West totally evil, or can they be sympathized with somewhat?

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wildflower38 said...

28 days later was scary. I don't usually watch horror movies. It's a good movie. I was too jumpy to knit and watch the movie. Instead of watching 28 weeks later, I watched Nightmare before Christmas which I liked and Shaun of the Dead(good movie).