Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Raiders talk

So, has anyone had a chance to see Raiders of the Lost Ark? I did a couple of weekends ago and was reminded just how fun this movie truly is. It's also a well made film too. Let's talk about your thoughts and impressions of the movie in the comments to this post. Here's some possible discussion ideas:

1) Were there any quotes that really stood out to you, or pieces of dialogue that you really liked?

2) What did you think of Marion as a heroine? Is she an equal match for Indy?

3) What scene(s) really stood out for you? Why?

4) Is Indy more of an archeologist or treasure hunter?

Let the discussion begin!


Carrie K said...

1. Quote - Snakes. It just had to be snakes.

thursday said...

My favorite quote has to be when Sallah tells Indy "asps... very go first."

thursday said...

Oh, also.. Marion is pretty good - I mean, the drinking game she wins when we first see her is meant to exhibit how tough she is. She's very much like Leia from Star Wars...actually.

And Indiana is basically a treasure hunter. What has he actually dug anyway? (Mind you, I still love him even though when I tell people I'm an archaeologist, they say - oh, like Indiana Jones...hahaha.)

K8 said...

I think it's held up really well over time - all the Indiana Jones movies are ones I'll stop and watch if they're on TV. I like the snakes quote too :) At times I think Marion is a good match for Indy, but at times I think she gets a little whiny. Indy's definitely more of a treasure hunter than an archeologist :)

Paula said...

~My Favorite of all time line in this movie is:
"aaasps! Very dangerous! You go in first."

~Marion is my favorite of all the Indy movies women co stars.
She is a strong woman who can hold her own and keep up with Indy's adventure.
She was a perfect match for him.

~The part where Marion and Indy are tied to the post when the artifact is opened and the spirits annihilates the bad guys!
Great scene.

~I really think Indy is more of a treasure hunter who enjoys the adventure but follows the archeologist’s code that once an artifact has been discoverd it belongs in a museum for all to enjoy.

Awesome Movie!

Stariel said...

I just watched it last night (I'm catching up) and I have to say I'm a bit surprised by how wussy Marion is in the room with the snakes. Not that I'd be cool with poisonous snakes crawling all over me, but she's very much the damsel in distress while Indy takes charge.

I didn't really remember anything about the movie, although I do remember watching it as a kid and really liking the room full of snakes.