Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Summer Movie selections

The votes have been tallied and here are our summer picks.

Our June Summer Blockbuster will be .... Raiders of the Lost Ark

Our July Guilty Pleasure is a choice between Dirty Dancing and 10 Things I Hate about You

Our August Wester is a choice between Tombstone and The Magnificent Seven

I'll have links up for Raiders by the end of the week, and a discussion post to get us started. I'll have to show you all an old movie poster for Raiders that RM and I have up in our living room too. Hey, we're movie buffs! We decorate with the movies. *grin*


Carrie K said...

OLD movie poster? [clasps heart].

Raiders of the Lost Ark! I haven't seen that in eons.

Paula said...

Oh those are all great movies!
Sorry I have been AWOL.
I will catch up this week!