Friday, August 03, 2007

Rustle up your six-shooters, and hop on your horse

It's time for a Western! Our August movie selections are Tombstone and/or the Magnificent Seven. If you decide to see the Magnificent Seven, it might be interesting to also see Kurosawa's The Seventh Samarai. Although The Seventh Samarai isn't technically a Western, The Magnificent Seven was based on it, so it would be interesting to do a comparison. I'm going to try to have some links up by the end of the weekend about our genre and movie selections.

Two things to look forward to:

1) I will be putting up nominations for out next movie selections in about a week or so. If you have an idea of a genre, or a topic (actor, director, theme) that you'd like to see sometime between September and November, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

2) If you get an invite to Ravelry, also come over and join our Fiberflix group. We've got quite a lively bunch there who love to talk about movies. I'm glad many of you that have received your invite have also joined in. I'll be posting a thread about our August selections in the next day or so.

3) Due to interest expressed with the Fiberflix group on Ravelry, I will be opening up a new Knitflix swap in September. It will have a monster/thriller theme and packages will aim to arrive around Halloween. So if you like swaps, or have missed our last two, look out for sign-ups on that.


Paula said...

My Husband is a huge Kurosawa fan and said he wants to watch both the Magnificent 7 and The Seventh Samurai with me and compare.
We will give you a commentary if both copies ever get here.

Jennifer said...

That would be fantastic!

Paula said...

Okay we watched Mag. 7 tonight and it was good!
We had to send 7 Samurai and Tombstone back because they were badly scratched and would not play right.
I am telling you I am having a bad week of technical things.
Anyway when the other two come back I will let you give you commentary on all three.

LOL, but I have to say this about Magnificent 7, when I was watching it I kept thinking of Pixars Bugs Life. :)