Monday, March 12, 2007

April and May Nominations!

Let's pick some movies for the next couple of months! Here are the next two months' themes.

ETA: Please make your nominations by Monday, March 19. Final voting will start on Wednesday, March 21.

Inspirational Movies - With the beginning of Spring, I thought it would be fun to watch a movie or two with themes of hope and inspiration. This could be a biopic, a sports movie, a drama, a comedy, any genre really. Take a look at AFI's list of the 100 most inspiring films . Some selections from the AFI list include: It's a Wonderful Life, High Noon, The African Queen, Rudy, An Officer and a Gentlemen, Harold and Maude, and many more.

Retrospective on an Actress - Let's pick an actress and see a couple of her essential films.

Please comment to this post with one or two movie inspiring movies for April, and one actress for May.

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