Sunday, March 11, 2007

RPM's and Logan's Run

I started knitting my RPM's! I'm loving them already even though I'm only a couple of inches in. The STR in Yosemite is coming out so pretty with the spiral pattern, and STR is fantastic to knit with. It's my first STR experience.

I also got a chance to see Logan's Run last week. I had fun with it! The plot is engaging enough, and I enjoyed seeing a very young Richard Jordan. Yes, the movie is cheesy by today's standards, but I liked it. Every scene of the monorail and the city from the outside was so obviously a model. It was fun! I'm going to try to fit in another viewing of Run Lola Run before the end of the month.

Anyone else have a knitting update or thoughts on a movie? Post them! I'd love to some Jaywalkers and RPM's and read some movie thoughts.

Also, it's about time for choosing some new movies for April and May. I'll be posting in the next few days with themes and opening nominations.

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