Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gaslight on the Double


My name is Vera, and my blog is Vera's Crafty Blog. I watched both the 1944 and the 1940 versions of Gaslight last night on TCM. I had never seen either version, and watching both back to back was interesting.

Although the main story was the same, the details were very different, and it was fun to see how some of the same scenes played in the two versions.

I liked the Bergman/Boyer/Cotton version better overall. To me, it was more glamorous than the British version.

I got some knitting done too, I worked on the second of my Aran Braided Socks.

I'll try to rent Strangers on a Train this weekend.


Leah said...

I watched the 44 version last night & really enjoyed it.

Funny, I worked on my pomotamus socks while watching it!!

Jennifer said...

My copy of Strangers on a Train arrived from Amazon today! Guess what I'm watching tomorrow night...

Manda said...

The cable company took away our TCM 8 years ago (grr), but thanks to the magic of Netflix, I also saw both versions this morning. I think I lean more toward the 1940 version - less melodramatic and more succinct in its storytelling. Then again, I am such an anglophile, I would pick the British one. :)

Carrie K said...

I just watched both versions of Gaslight thanks to Netflix. It was interesting to see what elements the US film took from the British flick.

Did you notice that the last name of Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer was Anton, which was the first name of the actor playing Charles Boyer's part in the British version? Neat.

I really couldn't decide which version I liked better. George Cukor's version was more stylized and had more tension - you couldn't be positive that it was the husband making the wife crazy until near the end. His husband also had some feeling for his wife, more than a means to an end.