Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watched Strangers on a Train

The other night, I finally sat down to watch Strangers on a Train, and enjoyed a lot. While I knew the basics of the story, I hadn’t seen it before.

I love how Hitchcock creates so much tension with the use of human behavior without gore. Robert Walker’s performance as the spoiled psycho Bruno was positively creepy, and the carousel scene near the end was pretty scary.

Hitchcock always manages to throw in some humor too.

What I really found interesting is how divorce and marital infidelity was seen 50 years ago. Some things change and some things stay the same.

The DVD has the Hollywood version on one side and the longer British version, which has a little bit more about Bruno on the other. The Hollywood version ends with a humorous scene that's not in the British version. I watched both.

Today, before football, I’ll watch my favorite film noir movie, Sunset Boulevard. It’s a fabulous movie and Gloria Swanson’s performance is astonishing.


Jennifer said...

Hitchcock is such a master at creating tension. I loved it too!

Lana said...

I hadn't watched it before either. What a master of suspence!! I love Sunset Boulevard too:D There's no one like Gloria Swanson, eh!