Friday, October 06, 2006

So, any film noir fibercrafting pursuits out there?

I'm hoping that everyone is getting a chance to see one or all of the films that we have chosen for this month! I know I'm eagerly awaiting a couple from Netflix. Has anyone thought of any fibercrafting projects inspired by film noir or one of the films? I'm planning on knitting Bonne Marie's Ariann this month. Now, to be honest, I planned on knitting this sweater not thinking about the connection to film noir. However, I think the sweater has is a bit of a vintage sweater with a modern sensibility. Woh, I'm not sure that made any sense! Anyway, I'm hoping as I knit on Ariann while watching Strangers on a Train that the connection will prove more evident!

Also, if you haven't already signed up over at our forum (check the sidebar for the link), please do so! There's already been activity over there. I'm glad we're getting to know each other.


Wendee said...

Hey - I'm starting Ariann too! I didn't make the connection with the film noir and Ariann, but you're right! Perfect!

For some reason I've had more anxiety that normal choosing the yarn for this pattern. Mostly because the yarn I want to use (Rowan Kid Classic) might not show great stitch definition. But I really wanted a heathered yarn with a little oomph to it, so I'm just diving in. I'm on the Ariann KAL - this should be fun!

TeAntae said...

Totally by accident but yes. I was trying to figure out what to do with some large cameos I was given (totally not my style) and thought I'd find away to do some bead embroidery to it but it hasn't been progressing well. As soon as I read your post about film noir fibercrafting, loads of ideas popped into my mind.

My plan is to finish beading the cameo as a brooch and then knit a neckpiece (collar or something) that it can be attached to. I'm not sure how either heroine had planned to wear it in the movie but I think attached to a lacey collar would be lovely!